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Welcome to CapitalAdNetwork

My name is Arnaldo Bocker from Germany. We are starting CapitalAdNetwork.com (CAN) in order to introduce our websites as well as our team members. We believe we have a great advertising revenue model that can work for the long run and we are experts at providing new business solutions in a win-win environment.

Who we are?

The CAN team consists of 6 people who are led by me as the main admin. Other team members are David Christoff(AU), Joseph Holmes(UK), Brooklyn Lam(CA), Olivia Sherry(CA) and Luis Cox(USA)
Joseph, David and Brooklyn work in members support/solve bugs area, in fact they take care of support tickets and forum. Olivia & Luis manage the financial matters, things like payments, ads, server bills etc

So in summary:

Arnaldo Bocker(DE): Main administrator - Full permissions

David Christoff(AU) : Admin - For support questions or technical issues

Joseph Holmes(UK) :Admin - For support questions or technical issues

Brooklyn Lam(CA) : Admin - For support questions or technical issues

Olivia Sherry(CA) : Admin - Financial manager

Luis Cox(USA) : Admin - Financial manager

We have introduced a "Z.L.G." feature on all of our PTC websites which means 100% Zero Loss Guarantee. We believe in our business and the fact that our members can earn enough commissions from their activity on our websites to cover the associated fees. That is why we guarantee you will make more than the amount you spent on our products at the end of their life cycle, things like memberships, rents or revenue sharing.

Our websites have a total of +120,409 active members. The volume of traffic
coming from the CAN group's websites, can make any online business successful
on Internet.

What websites does the CAN group own?

The term "Part of the CapitalAdNetwork" is mentioned in the footer of all of our websites and that site needs to be found on CapitalAdNetwork.com as well in order to be verified as a valid CAN group website.
We also introduce any new websites in the news sections of our older websites.

Here is the current list of the CAN group websites:

1- W3Adz.com

The first website of the CAN group which has launched on 6 April 2017. It has got more than 71,699
members as of now and has paid over $75,300 commissions to its users.
According to Alexa, it has a traffic rank of 16,531 among all websites on Internet.
In order to prevent any possible abuse, the following domains have been possessed and redirected onto
W3Adz.net, W3Adz.info, W3Adz.biz, W3Adz.org, W3Adz.in, W3Adz.us,
W3Bux.com, W3Bux.net, W3Bux.info, W3Bux.biz, W3Bux.org, W3Bux.in, W3Bux.us,
W3-Adz.com, W3-Adz.net, W3-Adz.info, W3-Adz.biz, W3-Adz.org, W3-Adz.in, W3-Adz.us

2- Buxcap.com

It is our second website which was launched on 28 June 2017.
It has got +48,710 members so far and has paid +$23,042 to its members.
Its Alexa rank is also growing rapidly. It has a traffic rank of 22,081 among all websites on Internet.
In order to avoid any potential abuse, the following domains have been possessed and redirected onto
BuxCap.net, BuxCap.info, BuxCap.biz, BuxCap.org, BuxCap.us

More websites are coming soon .....

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